My artwork is informed by a life long investigation of the natural world. I am drawn to the details: the pattern of a fish's scales, the crazy weave of a bird's nest, or the exquisite curl of a fern frond. Fish, birds, and patterns derived from plant forms are combined and reconfigured in their content and form.

Each process; cut paper, printmaking and illustration generates it's own aesthetic. My cutpaper designs are cut from colored and hand-printed papers using a kraft knife and applied in layers, correlating crisp edges with shallow relief.

My prints combine the graphic silhouette effect of relief printing with monotype applications of color of loose brushwork. With the gravure process I draw with pencil and pen on mylar, process it on to a plate and ink it up to give a crayon-like, tonal image.

As an artist working in the arena of natural history illustration, my intent is to render my subjects in their most literal form. Book illustration offers a broader interpretation allowing a range of mediums to express the idea. Examples pictured include pen and wash, water colors, gouache, scratchboard, colored pencil and cut paper.

I feel extraordinarily fortunate to be making a living as an artist and that I have an audience for my work.

The Artist - Guadalahara, Mexico 1970